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Time JIO closes it business

1.0 rating

Worst Customer Experience, All channels of request, call, email, chat fail miserably.Zero Accountability, requests closed without any action.Waste of money and time.


jiogigafiber none

1.0 rating

3 months gone in Chennai after installation none turned up for installation of accessories.


Jio speed and price

2.0 rating

Their GOLD plan gives less speed than bronze plan,although they mention speed will be up to 250 MBPS. Also there is no Hot star premium subscriptions and other TV channels.
Not worth the money spending.


Current jio giga fiber plan is not for watching TV channel

1.0 rating

Jio sales person is forced me to recharge the minimum plan you can see all the channel. After paying 824 I can see only star channel via hotstar. No other channel you can not see. You will get 100+50 GB data for this recharge it is not enough for 1 month if you your Tv is on 8hrs per day. So JIO fiber is not worthy for replacement of normal FTH and cable operator if you have only purpose to watch TV never convinced by them.

prosanta sadhukhan

Feeling cheated

1.0 rating

Had a real horrible experience ! I was told at the time of introductory offer that u can pay just 2500 rs for Box which is fully refundable if you are not satisfied with service.
Now I’m running from pillar to post to get the refund.
When I call the executive they say call Customer service and when I call them they ask to get in touch with executive.
Never thought a reputed company like reliance would run a fraud like this.
Truly disappointed !! Never ever going to use Jio Broadband.


Unable to surrender my JioFibre Broadband Connection even after 2 weeks

1.0 rating

Hi Sir,
I had placed a request for surrender of my JioFibre connection on 27.01.2020 vide Service Request No SR000010AFCT. It stated that by 03.02.2020 my request would be completed. Today is 04.02.2020 and till date no technical person has come to take the modem and Setup box. I had called the customer care yesterday also and was assured that it would be picked up by today. Already 7 days have passed but no resolution yet. Pathetic service. Please do the needfful at the earliest.

Sumit Malhotra

Worst company having no services

1.0 rating

This company has no services to their customers and never buy any plans thinking that you will get any benefit from this company when you will talk to the customer care they will say that we can’t solve this and please write a mail
And on mail there is no response from the company and at the end they will say the offer was limited and we know that you have avail this offer but now it has expired

Hitik Aggarwal

Worst service engineers are very irresponsible

1.0 rating

My mobile number is 8890***99.I requested for one connection and paid approx 3500/- for the same. Representative came and done cabling only at my location. But due to some technical fault, it didn’t worked. They told me to connection will activate in two or three days but till now no response from there side.engineers not picking out the phone .Mr manider there boss is also not picking my phone .I request to you kindly refund my amount.

Harshit sharma

Lower the monthly plans price

2.0 rating

I pay 850rs and i get only 100 gb data for that month really.And somehow am consuming 8gb per day ,im not even home half of the day and i only use wifi at night for like 15-20 min .Next day i see 5gb gone out of nowhere.


bad customer service

1.0 rating

For 12 days net was not working and i have complained every day but no one came to solve the problem and when it is solved i called customer care to extend validity for the days which i wasn’t able to use net as that not my fault for not getting net but they said that they don’t have any provision for extending validity

setu sharma

Pathetic Services

1.0 rating

Had requested twice for cancellation but not received any solution.

Sandeep Garg

Very poor service and speed

1.0 rating

Im a jio fiber user since nov 2019 , Net speed is very much poor.

sanjiv bhardwaj

Worst service

1.0 rating

I hope reliance is only engaged in building assets and least bothered on services, such a bad experience.


Installation standards

1.0 rating

Technical team should have some knowledge about the installation standards, nobody knows how to treat fibre cables they are just banding cables without any instructions like how much degrees has to be bend, and after open the pigtails they are touching them from front side, if we touch the pigtails from front side it can dusty easily and can disrupt the signal, also they should have some knowledge how to manage the fibre in the box and how to mount that box on the wall, how much maximum or minimum db signal required, and need to aware to customer don’t touch that laser fibre signal that can harm to people or person. Last thing Technician should have to keep PPE, like gloves, safety glasses, hard hat, earmuffs, fibre glass is really dangerous when it gets in our skin.

Gurwinder Handa

One of the worst service

1.0 rating

One of the worst telecom/internet service provider. Just cheating with customers with false commitment. Don,t ever fall for the advertisement of discount offers.

Andreas Cramer

Support is more then frustrated

1.0 rating

I have choose Jio fiber on 17th Nov 2019 in sector 47 Noida and after 15 day my Tv setup box stop working showing data is Corrupt. I have raised SR00000ZK2KR
complain till now i can’t see TV just because of frustrated support i have ever seen, even nobody call me yet.
No any SLA define and no timeline from them.
Real very bad future of JioFiber if they can’t provide support in time.
Just using internet service that is good and watching TV on Phone.


Worst service

1.0 rating

Don’t go with jio fiber in chandausi worst service.

Abhishek agrawal

Dadra Nagar Haveli Not Available

1.0 rating

Dear Sir
M jio Giga Fiber Online Registration 10 Time but Not Verification Mail
So plz Dadra Nagar Haveli me Available karo

Girish Warke

2.4 GHz Router very less strength

1.0 rating

2.4 GHz Router very less strength
From Hall to bedroom no signal
2 service request raised to upgrade to 5Ghz but they told no stock.,


Very very worst experience

1.0 rating

Service ID 299040746524: The security deposit is not refundable , i am waiting for past 60 days now to get my SD back but i get non sense response from your customer care team. . I have paid INR 4500 as SD and now you say i have not paid the SD. This is how JIO cheats customer saying we have not paid SD once you cancel and asks for REFUND. So friends beware and dont fall into the TRAP of SD refund which they had mentioned in their posts.


Good speed, bad service and pathetic customer care service centre with bad attitude person sitting to talk

3.0 rating

Advisor had zero etiquettes how to deal with the customer, he was arrogant and didn’t even took complaint seriously and also denied to raise the concern after reminding him that this is not the way to deny customer about not raising complaint when he is asking to get it raised since he is facing issue. Advisor denied arrogantly and when told that i would give bad feedback for the way behaved, advisor replied arrogantly do whatever you like. Seriously, I am disheartened by the way jio team is treating its customers. I am facing issue with internet connectivity since last 1 week and raised several complaints till date but my issue has still not been resolved nor any one is showing interest in solving the issue. Landline number for connection is 01171616928. Kindly show any empathy towards a loyal customer who has kept trust in changing his internet connection to jio only because of the name reliance attached to it but he is feeling disheartened by the way he is being treated presently.

Pratik ojha

No money refund after 24 days

1.0 rating

I requested for one connection and paid 2500/- for the same. Representative came and installed router at my location. But due to some technical fault, it didn’t worked. They told me to cancel current connection and requested for new connection. They told me that i will get refund for the first connection within one week after submitting account details.
No refund is given by jio even after 24 days. On writing emails to customer support, I am auto reply only.

Manish Bhardwaj

Very poor service

1.0 rating

Worst customer service ,Not recieved refund till date,Whole Jio team is working on it as they keep on replying on email, No one from Jio is able to tell when will my money get refunded.


Most Pathetic Service of Internet Broadband

1.0 rating

The internet stopped working after 1 day of installation and it seems it will take 7 days to fix it. Nobody from customer care to servicemen knows what the fault is. This is the worst internet service provided. I should never have switched from Airtel.
Tip of Advice-If you don’t know how to install and sustain services please do not enter into that business.

Vikram Kumar

Bad service

1.0 rating

Very bad service…😠 Cable got cut in our next building and we are without internet since 15days🤬 can you believe it?? In today’s world no internet for 15days… Ask any Jio employee whether they can live without internet for so many days…..
As usual no reply from area manager… Very disappointed😡


Delay in enabling residents of Horamavu village extension

1.0 rating

Not sure why Jio Fibre is not able to provide it’s services to the residents if Hota nahi (Mahatma Gandhi Road)…There are about 800 families staying here and everyone is keenly waiting for them to offer their services here. The advertisement was done some 5 months back however there is no progress by JioFibre since then. In the meantime every other player has dug the place and laid their cables and will start their services soon. jio Fibre is surely lagging on this front.

Anupam Kumar

NO Response since Jan'19 for connection

1.0 rating

I am from Horamavu, Bangalore-43. We have submitted our consent letter for providing connection to our apartment start of this year Jan’19. We were promised that connection will be provided by maximum end of Mar’19. But until now no response. Person(Riyaz) who came for taking our consent is no more working with you. We don’t have any contact to check the status now. Recently Tata have started giving connection our area. Can you please please get back to me at the earliest possible. We might need to think of Tata connection if we don’t hear from you latest by tomorrow EOD.

Pugalenthi V

Reliance not providing refund

1.0 rating

Paid for Jio giga fiber
No one came for installation
Cancelled order after 2 weeks of frustration from customer care service staff
Not recieved refund till date
It’s been 3 months
No one from Jio is able to tell when will my money get refunded
Whole Jio team is working on it as they keep on replying on email

Anil Kumar Patel

Pathetic and poor services

1.0 rating

My Jiofiber No. is 3590**38. Jio fiber connection not installed. Installation date and time given 15-09-2019 3.00 P.M. but not installed till now. Mr. Manish ** mobile No. 9625**** who took Rs. 2500/- also not picking up the phone. What kind of services are these.


Inadequate support from the sale staff

2.0 rating

Nil assistance from staff., IVRS is poor.

Gp capt S M Tatwawadi

Worst ever experience. Truly the reliance way - Show the carrot of FREE and mint money from people without giving service

1.0 rating

I have been waiting for reliance fiber connection since past 2.5 months after making payment based on promises sales team made.
Sales team now tells me in gurgaon that everyone has issues. Everyone keeps calling but jio is not able to support. There are 7000 pending connection between DLF phase 1 and sushant lok region but we are helpless.
It’s crazy.
I have also reached out 100 times to head of gurgaon Faridabad – Mr. Saurabh and he too has not been able to address the issues. He talks but no action on ground. I have been in touch with him for last 1.5 months too. Please check his whtsapp messages as proof.
Since past 2.5 months I only get one message everyday
Installation of JioFiber connection with order number NO0000B6Q2XG is delayed due to unavoidable technical reasons. Our team is working on this and will contact you once the order is ready for installation. If you wish to cancel your order & initiate refund of security deposit, please write to us at We regret the inconvenience.


Rates are too high .!!

3.0 rating

Rates are very high compared to other service providers. Less data and speed for base plans. Need to consider data for viewing TV as TV channels not provided for STB. OTT and other streaming channels hog up data.


Rate on higher side and no TV access or information till date

2.0 rating

Rates are if not high, but not good enough to keep Jio fiber at home.
I took out my local cable TV as 5 Sept of date of launch of all stuff as told by representatives.
Now when I call them, they say they don’t have any idea.
That’s total confusion

Priyank Srivastava

Reduce Monthly Rates for JioFiber Customers .

1.0 rating

The rates are too high. Needs Improvement for Monthly Plan Reduce the Rates of Unlimited monthly plans with 200 Mbps Speed immediately .


Data FUP is very less for all the services you provide

1.0 rating

As mentioned Data FUP limit is very limited especially with the base plan.Please inform your management to increase the FUP limit.There are many other companies that provide unlimited FUP for the same price.


Seems Jio is taking money from customer

3.0 rating

Registered on 20th August and made payment as well but installation not done yet its been More than 2 weeks now.. Called customer care many times but they are sitting with just one answer, there is some technical problem, please wait and we don’t have any more updates.. and if you ask more questions they will say you can cancel your registration and get the refund.. Seems Jio is taking money from customer on the name of registration and then keeping it for couple of days, earning interest on it and refunding original amount by cancelling the order.. This is the way big corporate are becoming bigger..

Saur Verma

Tariffs are very High

2.0 rating

I had lot of expectations from JioFIber, I was thinking its plan will start from 500 but after the launch of Price category I was very disappointed Because of costly tariffs I won’t be able to continue it.I’m ready to pay 500 for a 60Mbps plan with 600 GB but Jio plans will take half of my salary. So, not recommending Jio to Anyone. And I will also stop using their Mobile service because they broke my heart.

Gaurav Sarma

Frequent Disconnects and long resolution time

1.0 rating

Team, I had 2 disconnects in August. One lasted for one day outage while other one lasted for five day outage. Customer Care team only opened tickets which got auto closed without resolution of issue. When I complained they opened another ticket but refused to open the original ticket to avoid high resolution time. Handling of complaints is a big improvement area for quick resolution to avoid loss to business depending upon Internet connectivity. Thanks

Vidit Jain

Worst service

1.0 rating

Please don’t go for it. They will take your money promising that you will get connection but after long struggle of you trying to reach them, they will say no connectivity for your area and connection is cancelled. Even the deposited amount will not come back even after 3 months. U have to keep running behind them for your money.


When it works

4.0 rating

Except for one month of outage things are fine, however it is difficult to speak someone in authority to explain the problem.

Gp. Capt S M Tatwawadi

Very disappointed

1.0 rating

Very poor service….Got refund post 5 month with hundred follow up .

vivek singh

Team is not good

2.0 rating

Delayed from 20 July response to many service requests.advised to claim refund for technical reasons.not a genuine reason.reviewes not considered.escalation of complaint not there.improvent team obsolete necessary.

shama rao

Pathetic service, poor speed, range issues

1.0 rating

Customer service non existent. No option to make a complaint. Speed very low in comparison to promised. I don’t get range in next room.

Rajendra Mohile

Very Costly

1.0 rating

Very sad to hear about there is no TV Channels and only Internet through Fiber


Want to register, but cannot do so.

1.0 rating

I have been trying to register for a New connection, for past couple of months, through the website, but the website does not accept my address / email.

A A Raaz

3 class service of jio fiber

1.0 rating

In july i purchased a connection. Till now line Service are not working
I have complained regarding this more than 10 times. But no action has been taken.till now

Manik sharma

Not as expected

4.0 rating

The speed is good. Data per month is considerably less considering the data to be used for OTT and iptv channels.STB not yet delivered, based on the advertisement, cancelled my LCO subscription



1.0 rating

Information about plans and Devices provided is unclear. Price is High and Less Data



5.0 rating

Its wonderful experiance except for initial trouble. Otherwise very satisfying.


Pathetic plans, not for common people. Very outdated

1.0 rating

the internet plans are 5 year old. who gives 100+50 GB data these days. With smart TVs and apps these days,
people use 20-30 GB per day.
local internet service provider are much more cheaper and better than Jio. a big NO to Jio gigafiber.
all plans are useless.
in most of the metro cities you get unlimited plans with 50+Mbps speed in around 500/-
Nobody needs landline these days, and if you want TV box you can buy any android box, fire stick or chromecast which is one time investment.
What was Jio thinking when they launched there plans, there are no ISP or what?