Which Jio Giga Fiber Braodband Plan to choose ?

Reliance early has been announced. All the plans of early have also come. There are plans from Rs. 699 to rs. 8,499 If you’re fond of Netflix, hot or other content apps, and watch movies and series on these times, some of the plans from early are not worth you.

Not a single broadband plan of early is not a single plan that doesn’t have a page. All the plans are FUP (fair use policy). Means you can use high speed data until a limit. Although it’s not that your internet will stop after data is gone. Because you will continue to get the speed of 1 Mbps after the data is over.

The starting speed of the early broadband plan is 100 Mbps. This speed is enough for Netflix or any other content apps to other content apps. But the speed of 1 Mbps you get after data is not enough.

Be careful, all the plans are without GST. GST is different.

Jio GigaFiber Plan of Rs 699 is not enough for you.

Now let’s talk about the plan of Rs. 699 You will get a speed of 100 gb in this plan, but with it you will only get 100 gb of data. However, you will get 50 gb extra data for six months though. In total you are getting 150 GB data. This is 1 months old.

On Netflix if you watch at least one movie every day, watch videos on Youtube, do internet streaming. So 150 GB data won’t last for a month. If you have tv in your house and watch Netflix on it. Keep 1 movies every day but still the plan of Rs 699 is not for you.

If you see standard definition (SD) one hour content on Netflix, it takes 1 GB data. Same if you watch HD IT TAKES 3 GB data in an hour. Keep a movie Average 2 hours every day. Instead of film, keep 2 GB data in video and brown. You are spending 8 to 10 GB data in one day by getting the family.

In 699 days you will use 300 GB data, but you get 150 gb of data in a plan of Rs. 30 He will also be 100 gb after few months. That’s why this plan is not for you. Even if you’re a basic Netflix user, this plan is not for you.

Is the Jio GigaFiber Gold plan of 849 enough?

Now let’s talk about the plan of Rs. 849 This plan gets 200 GB data. You will get 200 gb extra data for the early few months. Means Total 400 GB data you will get. If you are an app user, the data given under this plan will be reduced to you.

We have told above the data that Netflix is using. If you use netlfix or any other content apps on 4 K TV, 7 GB DATA WILL BE USED IN 1 hours. Also, the internet will use about 3 TO 4 GB data from Youtube videos and gaming.

That means if you are using 15 GB data every day, then you will need at least 450 GB data in the month that doesn’t get in this plan. That’s why this plan will not be enough for you.

Jio Broadband Plan of Rs 1,299

You will get a speed of 200 MBPS under this plan. If you talk about data limit, you will get 500 GB data here. You will get 250 GB data extra under the early offer. Mean total you are getting 750 GB data. This plan is for you. Because there are average users then 750 GB data is ok for you in one month.

But there are many people in your home, watching the series every day on Netflix, finishing the 10 episode series on the weekend. In such a way, this plan is not for you.

You have to look at a plan of Rs. 2,499 with 2500 GB data.

Looking at all the plans of early, it looks like the company should have at least one or two plans with no FUP. There are many broadband companies that give plans without a drop and their pack also comes in an aggressive price. Even if every company doesn’t give you 100 k speed, but content apps like netlfilx  plan above 10 Mbps and today companies are giving a lot of plans with 50 Mbps plans.

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  1. Ashesh Patel Reply

    Rate launched by JIO are very very high. JIO is making fool to people. I applied for disconnection when i came to know all this.

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