[Fixed]XAMPP Installation Error:Port 80 or 443 already in use.Apache2.2 service failed.

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Xampp Installation Errors and Fixes :

After you have installed Xampp on your hard drive, running MYSQL, Tomcat, Filezilla, Mercury and other add on components seems to be fairly easy.

However, Apache, an essential component needed for your local server may refuse to run.

This usually happens because in some cases another program might be using port 80 ( the port Apache is assign to in C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf ) and Apache is unable to start.

These are the errors you may encounter In case of your Port :80 is in used by some other Application.

You’ve received an error message advising you that your port is already occupied.

XAMPP Installation Error:Port 80 or 443 already in use.Apache2.2 service failed.

There are many applications which reserves port 80. to fix issue there are two solutions

Release Already Used port 80 then let xaamp will run on port 80

  1. If you have Skype installed on your machine then it’s a known issue that if Skype was installed before XAMPP it will occupy port 80 which is the port that XAMPP needs to     communicate with your Internet connection. There’s an easy fix for this problem.

Fix:   Open up Skype and go to Tools and select Options. From the list that appears select Advanced and then Connection.

There will probably be a check mark inside where it says “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections” just unchecked that box and save  your changes.

Skype will still function normally and now XAMPP will be able to use port 80 to run.

     2. Sometimes when you have installed IIS and Xaamp both server installed on your machine. in that case port 80 already reserved by IIS.

Fix:  In that case you have to set IIS bindings to different port.

 Now open up your browser (it doesn’t matter which one, IE, Firefox, or Flock) and type this in your address bar: http://localhost/ and press enter. Welcome to the XAMPP index screen.


Run  Xaamp on different port like port 81 or port 88

  • You can change port 80 from apache.config . For example if your xaamp is installed in C drive go to – C:\xampp\apache\conf
  • Edit the httpd.conf and go to line 88 which reads

Listen 80

       You can change the port to 81 or 88 or some other port number. After you change port, restart port and open http://localhost:81 in browser.

Your Xaamp instillation start working with a Welcome screen of Xaamp.


Let me know your comments here, if that fixed “xaamp port 80 already in used” issue or not. I will reply each comments on daily basis 🙂

If required comment here your issue and i will solve your issue via team viewer in an hour 🙂

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